Debug Window

Debug Window is helpful for reading console logs from your plugin or to debug the plugin errors. To enable and display the debug window, you will have to launch the INK Application from terminal with some flags as follow:

For Mac Users:

> open <PATH TO> --args --debug-plugins

for eg.

> open /Applications/ --args --debug-plugins

For Windows Users:

> <PATH TO INK.exe> --debug-plugins

for eg.

> "C:\Program Files (x86)\INK\INK.exe" --debug-plugins

For Linux Users:

> <Path to INK Executable> --debug-plugins

for eg.

> ./INK.AppImage --debug-plugins


Do not close the Debug Window directly, instead exit the INK application and reopen normally. Closing the Debug Window will terminate all the plugin workers and all the plugin operations will shutdown.

How To Use

In debug window there are multiple functionalities available to debug your plugin. You can navigate through them using tabs on the top bar of Devtools.

Console Tab

Following is a console tab in Debug Window Devtools

Console tab in debug window

Console tab is useful for reading logs from your plugin. You can also run JavaScript commands directly in the console tab.

Each plugin in INK Editor runs in its own context and to run a command in your plugin context or to access INK APIs directly in console. You will need to switch the JavaScript Context from the dropdown below.

JavaScript Contexts Dropdown

All the plugins contexts are listed here. To find the correct context of your plugin, check the name of plugin after first hash # symbol.

Source Tab

You can find your plugin source files in Source tab of Debug Window. Here you can control and debug the program flow by implementing breakpoints and analyze program execution step by step.

Source tab in debug window